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Photo: Raphael Koeb↗


Back in Hungary

Der Talisman, Deutsche Bühne Ungarn, 2017; Quelle:↗
April 2017: When the director of the German Theater in Hungary asked me, if I could jump in for another actor, who was ill, I said: “Yes!” – “When would I be able to start,” she asked. I went to the train station and asked for a ticket. Then I said to her on the cell phone: “Tomorrow afternoon.” That’s how I got a new role in “The Flying Child”, a play by Roland Schimmelpfennig. I met again the Rumanian-Hungarian director István K. Szabó. After that I began with the rehearsals of “The Talisman”. Director: Verena Koch from Linz; I worked two times with her before. It was a nice time with nice colleagues. You will be able to see the shows probably until September 2017 at least.

In autum I will start a new play with KRIMI total. Oh, and I learned horse riding and archery in Hungary!

Changes 2016

Showreel 2016
August 2016: I have a new showreel: Here you will find clips of the award-winning movies Son of Saul and Where Are You Going, Habibi? I also added a clip, which I produced with students of filmArche. In this film school I have began to study a Screenwriting class. This is what I do part time in addition to my theater jobs.

This summer I also take part in the comedy theater Kleine Komödie Cottbus as Beast in The Beauty and the Beast and with different roles and songs in Der Watzmann ruft. With the beginning of autumn I come back to the shows of KRIMI total, where we combine our well visited performances with dinners for our audience. And I start educational theater for pupils all over German speaking territories again.

From time to time you can find the dates on or subscribe

Ready to Go

“Ich, Tom Pilath”, 4:15 min
February, 2014: I decided to follow new avenues from this summer on. It was a good time doing theatre in Hungary. In three years I got parts in 15 plays; and it’s not the end of the row. It wasn’t boring, but I feel like I want to strike new ventures.
I am excited about the future.

The Actors of the Year

June 4, 2013: The Mini Play Time 2013 of the German Theater↗ in Hungary is finished now. Two actors are awarded. My colleague Kata Lotz received the prize by the jury for Actress of the Year; the ensemble also elected their Actor of the Year: I won this prize. For me it is a great honour.

Photo: Zoltán Toepler
Photo: Zoltán Toepler
Köszönöm a tártulatot! Thank you, ensemble!

The jury was build by the actress Ida Jarcsek Gaza and the directors István Darida and Péter Tömöry. At the end of every year all productions are showed within a few days, called Mini Play Time. This year there were six productions in three days. During the summer break I won’t play in Hungary. The next show will be shown probably in the middle of August. You’ll find all dates first in german or hungarian language at↗. Then I copy the program to this home page.

First Prize at the DIGI 24 film festival

Lovagolni, 1:33 min
September 26, 2012: The film had to be made within 24 hours. The subject was “The Old Veteran”, a poem by János Garay. I made it all with the webcam of my laptop. “Lovagolni” was shown and awarded at the “IX. DIGI 24 filmmaraton” in the hungerian city Szekszárd. Jury member was Professor Karl Bardosh of New York University. Now I uploaded the result on youtube.

About me

2012: Tom Pilath is my name. I am a german actor, working in Berlin and in the German Theater in Hungary. On this website you may find some usefull information, like my CV, some Photos or a Showreel. I use to set the dates of my performances on this page—you will find them also at↗.

Edit (June 6, 2013): If you want to follow me on social medias, you can find my name on Facebook↗; there I’ve also a fan site↗ for this home page. I try to spend not to much time on it, that’s why I’m not very active on other social networks, but if you don’t like Facebook, follow me on Twitter↗ or Myspace↗.

Photos of “Der Hässliche”

2011: On↗ you can find photos which are made from the rehearsals of “Der Hässliche” (engl. The Ugly One). More pictures are presented on↗.

Edit (June 6, 2013): The Stage- and Costum-Designer of that project showed me some more pictures on Facebook↗. Thank you for that clue, Dorothea!


  • Season 2016/2017: Mord Royal↗, KRIMI total, several places
  • Season 2016/2017: Mein Haus, mein Boot, mein Mord↗, KRIMI total, several places
  • Mord Royal↗, KRIMI total, several places
  • Der Talisman↗, Deutsche Bühne Ungarn
  • Das fliegende Kind↗, Termine der Deutschen Bühne Ungarn auf